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Simcoe Computes!  About Us

Last updated January 1, 2024

Simcoe Computes!  Doing what we do best!
Now located in Port Dover

Celebrating our 37th Year in Business in 2024! 

At Simcoe Computes! we have built our reputation as the leading local system builder by providing our customers with premium quality products, competitively priced and backed by the best (and fastest) service available.  We will never sacrifice quality simply to deliver a slightly lower price!


When you purchase a computer from Simcoe Computes! you will often be able to pick it up or have it delivered within one business day.  Equally, if not more importantly, in the rare instance of a hardware failure, we can normally have you back up and running very quickly.  This can of course be very important for students, businesses and the majority of us who come to rely on our computers for communications and important daily activities.


Wouldn't you prefer to deal with someone you can trust, who will sell you what's best for you and will take the time to listen to your needs and advise you accordingly?  Many businesses may advertise what appear to be great prices but are often dealing with end of line products in limited quantity and ultimately want to sell you "what's best for them" or what they make the best commission on.


Further, we often find these businesses take days and even weeks to service their own defective products.  Can you afford to be without your computer for an extended period of time?