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                 Changes at Simcoe Computes!
 (August 20, 2023)

Our storefront location at 65 Robinson Street closed at the end of April and our operation has shifted to my home in Port Dover.  You can reach me at 226.567.8185 with any questions or if I can be of assistance with the purchase of a new system (desktop or laptop) or for service or general guidance.

Your business is greatly appreciated and I will continue to do my best to provide timely service.  While our store is closed, we will continue to provide sales and service on an appointment basis with onsite, delivery and pickup options.   With closure of our storefront we will no longer be accepting payment by credit or debit cards but will accept payment by e-transfer, cash or cheque.

2023 is our 36th year in business. Few businesses survive for such a lengthy period of time and adapting to the ever changing times in the computer industry is both challenging and enjoyable. Over this great many years we have gone from Commodore 64's and systems with almost no memory or storage space to levels that were beyond our belief a mere 10 years ago. Change in this business is neverending. Personal computers were once a thing for the relatively wealthy and could cost the equivalent of several months income. Today, while performance and quality has soared the prices have fallen to levels where very few people can do without a computer and many if not most have multiple systems as well as smart phones and tablets which can do far, far more than the computers of not that long ago.

Simcoe Computes has evolved with the changing times since first opening in my home 36 years ago (1987) and now it's time for yet another phase in our ongoing business operation.

We have continued to provide sales and service to our loyal customers throughout the rapidly changing marketplace over these last 36 years. 

In 2017 we sold our building at 61-67 Robinson Street to Kirby Shieck of Ontario West Insurance Brokers and we became a tenant and have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Kirby as our landlord.  We downsized while continuing our emphasis on providing quality products and service at competitive pricing with Paul Mitchell managing the store while providing the best service in the area.

We've moved and expanded many times over the years but in recent years the computer industry reached a saturation point and sales rapidly declined and service became an important component of our business.

In February we were advised Ontario West Insurance is expanding and needed to utilize the space we currently occupy.  This transition commenced in April. 

We will of course continue to honour all warranties and provide sales and service to our customers and remain available to assist with customer needs providing delivery and onsite service wherever possible.

Larry Lucas (226.567.8185)