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What's New?  (June 27th, 2021)

Celebrating our 34th Year in Business in 2021! 

2021 is our 34th year in business.  Relatively few businesses survive for such a lengthy period of time and adapting to the ever changing times in the computer industry is both challenging and enjoyable.  Over this great many years we have gone from Commodore 64's and systems with almost no memory or storage space to levels that were beyond our belief a mere 10 years ago.  Change in this business is neverending.  Personal computers were once a thing for the relatively wealthy and could cost the equivalent of several months income.  Today, while performance and quality has soared the prices have fallen to levels where very few people can do without a computer and many if not most have multiple systems as well as smart phones and tablets which can do far, far more than the computers of not that long ago.

Rapid change is one of the few constants in the computer industry.  Prices continue to be under pressure so the value for your computer dollar has never been better.  Intel continues to announce new and improved platforms which continue to result in higher performance with lower power consumption.  Microsoft introduced Windows 10 about 5 years ago and while it, like every other operating system, has it's problems and idiosyncrasies, it is generally proving to be a stable and reliable operating system.  A next generation Windows 11 is now scheduled to be released this fall.

At Simcoe Computes we are well positioned to assist our customers through these everchanging times.  Our excellent relationships with distributors and key vendors allow us to keep a close watch on what is going on and allow us to guide customers regarding the best solutions to meet their budgets and needs. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining a keen awareness of industry trends and developments.  Our close relationships with key partners such as Intel, Acer, Asus, Brother, Microsoft, Western Digital and many other companies provide us advance knowledge of pending product releases and changes which may impact your purchasing decisions.  We encourage you to look to us for guidance to ensure your investment represents the best possible decision at the time. 

When is the last time you backed up the important data on your computer?  Backing up your important data takes very little time and storage products to reliably hold this data are incredibly inexpensive.  Nevertheless we still see people bring in their systems only after a major failure.  Don't wait until it's too late and if you need help just let us know.

Thank you for visiting Simcoe Computes! home on the Web.  It is our goal and intent to provide our customers "THE BEST" Value and Service in the area.  We are anxious to identify and meet "YOUR NEEDS" and will continue to expand and improve our services on a regular basis. 

We welcome and encourage your input . . . what can we do to improve our service to YOU?