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Simcoe Computes! Warranty Information

(Information as of May 8, 2023 and Subject to Change without notice)

Celebrating our 36th Year in Business in 2023!  

At Simcoe Computes! we take great pride in the high quality of products we sell and in the service we provide our customers.

Many companies concentrate only on price and will sacrifice quality and service to offer the lowest price and provide nothing more.  While we realize pricing is an important consideration in our purchase decisions, we feel very strongly that it is our goal to offer you, our customers, the best overall value by combining quality of products with fair pricing and by standing behind everything we build and sell.

Have you ever been disappointed with the warranty on something you've purchased?  Have you requested warranty service only to be advised of significant limitations, delays and costs to process your warranty claim?  After spending half an hour or more on the phone trying to get service, you still haven't been able to speak to a human or you reach someone who doesn't appear to understand English.  Have you been told you must ship the product back to the manufacturer "at your expense" for service that will take "a couple of weeks or so" before you get your product back?

When you make a major purchase you assume the product will function as promised and if you have problems you expect the vendor and manufacturer to stand behind their warranty and provide prompt service.

The unfortunate reality is that many companies want to sell you product but don't provide adequate service when something goes wrong.  Regrettably, most companies make processing warranty claims a painful, time consuming and extremely frustrating experience.

At Simcoe Computes! we believe our customers deserve much better treatment.  Simcoe Computes! has always taken a leadership role with respect to customer satisfaction and service. 

What does this warranty mean to you?

If ANY of the hardware you purchase from Simcoe Computes! should fail (with a price of $200 or more) within one year, WE will take care of the warranty process on your behalf!  You will not have to make the frustrating and time consuming calls to the manufacturer to deal with the problem, nor will you have to arrange for shipping to have your product serviced or replaced.  Further, we will take care of you QUICKLY!  Many replacements will be completed within two or three business days.  Some unique products will require special handling and in these cases we will do our best to expedite turnaround.

Following are more detailed specific warranty policies by type of product.  Any warranty related questions should be directed to Larry Lucas, Owner  of Simcoe Computes! at 226-567-8185 or by email at lalucas@simcom.ca.

Simcoe Computes! Complete System Packages:

We assemble our own desktop computer systems and thus deal with any warranty issues on the main system components ourselves. 

While most of our competitors offer only one year of standard warranty on the system packages they sell, Simcoe Computes! 'standard' warranty is two years parts and labour on defective hardware. 

Should you experience the rare occurrence of a hardware failure during your warranty period we will replace the hardware under warranty without charge.  Regrettably, problems that are not the result of hardware failure, such as being hit with a virus or contracting malware, are not covered by warranty and will result in a service charge to repair the problem.

Notebook (Laptop) Computer Systems:

Most notebook (laptop) computers carry a one year manufacturers warranty. 

Should you experience a hardware failure within the first year on a notebook purchased from Simcoe Computes! we will assume responsibility to arrange service with the manufacturer and will be pleased to arrange service including shipping if necessary.  If it is necessary to ship the system for warranty service there will be a one way charge for this service (typically approximately $60 as of October, 2022).  In many service situations we are able to complete the necessary warranty service in our own service facility to minimize turnaround time.

Internal M.2 NVMe, Solid State or Hard Drives (Manufacturers warranty applies):

We are pleased to offer high quality Kingston, Crucial and Western Digital products in all of our new Simcom systems and for purchase of replacement solid state or hard drives.  Standard warranty on these drives is 2-years for standard drives to be utilized within desktop systems.   In the rare case of failure we will provide the following options:

Internal M.2 NVMe, Solid State or Hard Drives:

1)  Failure within one year - we will replace with a new drive or you will have the option to select an alternate new drive and pay only the current difference in price.  Please allow one or two business days for testing.

2)  Failure after one year - The drive will need to be shipped to the manufacturer (or their agent) for service.  There will be a charge for shipping and insurance to send the drive out (or you can do it yourself) and the manufacturer will pay the cost of shipping the repaired or replacement hard drive back. 

Other Components (Manufacturers warranty applies):

We have covered the major components above.  Should you have questions regarding warranty on other specific items please let us know and we will be pleased to advise the manufacturers and our current policy on this product.