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Product Manufacturers

(Information as of March 19th, 2021 and Subject to Change without notice)

Celebrating our 34th Year in Business in 2021! 

Manufacturer    Website Customer Support
Acer http://www.acer.ca 1-800-816-2237
American Power Conversion http://www.apcc.com 1-800-800-4272
Antec http://www.antec.com/us 1-800-222-6832
Brother http://www.brother.ca 1-877-276-8437
Intel http://www.intel.com 1-916-377-7000
Kingston Technology http://www.kingston.com 1-800-435-0640
Microsoft http://www.microsoft.ca 1-905-568-4494
Western Digital http://www.westerndigital.com 1-800-275-4932